Results Papers of the Parallel Impact Research

The publication series "Results Papers" of the Parallel Impact Research was implemented in summer 2015. The Results Papers summarise the key findings of the Parallel Impact Research.

The majority of the Results Papers are only available in German. Below you find a a selection of Results Papers with international relevance in English.

Brochure on Parallel Impact Research

Objectives, Tasks, and Insights

Flyer on Parallel Impact Research

Flyer on the Parallel impact Research of the Electric Mobility Showcase

Results Document No 05: Good E-Roaming Practice

Practical Guide to Interconnecting the Charging Infrastructure in the Electromobility Showcases

Results Document No 06: Questions about electric vehicles

How does data about energy consumption and range of electric vehicles come about?

Results Document No 17: International Benchmark

International Benchmarking on the Status Quo of Electromobility in Germany 2015